Camoda Bella

Camoda Bella

Offers a wider field of view with a minimal profile design and, it is easy to use with a wire and handle mechanism. Offers a superior performance in terms of the air, water and wind insulation in addition to the security, due to its tempered glazing and double-glazing options.

Width 39 mm
Gasket TPV/Brush Gasket
Number of Gaskets Internal-External/ Double Rows
Sash Space Aluminum Cover Profile
Glazing Applications 8 mm- tempered single-glazing; 20 mm tempered double-glazing
Mechanism 8-wheel carrier design
Option Roller blind profile and drip rail profile

Design and Functionality

• An aluminum cover profile is used in the Bella Folding Glass Balcony Systems, instead of a transparent gasket.This prevents the profiles from turning yellow and being broken, and you may use them as a handle.

• Bella Folding Glass Balcony Systems employ sash extension profiles and corner profiles, offering decorative and functional solutions even for such locations that may seem difficult for applications.

• 5 different color options are available for aluminum profiles.


•Bella Glass Balcony Systems prevent air flow with its patented exit cover.

• The brush gasket channels used in the sash and rail profiles in the Bella Glass Balcony Systems strengthen the wind resistance.It creates a peaceful location suitable for all seasons by means of allowing for vertical double-row applications, which reduce the impact of external factors.

• You may increase the insulation performance with 4-step gasket applications in the glass junction points for appropriate locations.

• Hidden brush gaskets along the panel increase the insulation performance, without compromising the elegant view.


• The level of security is increased by a childproof safety lock employed in the Bella Glass Balcony Systems, fixing the sashes in the open position at the station point.

• There are optional applications of 8 mm and 20 mm tempered double glazing in the Bella Glass Balcony Systems. Tempered glazing is more secure than the normal glazing systems.