Dynamic Sliding System

Dynamic Sliding System


Pimapen Dynamic Sliding System, developed simultaneously with Europe, is easy to use with superior insulation properties, so all you need to do is to sit back and re-discover the comfort of life.

Profile width:149 mm
Number of cubicles:6
Gasket System:Inner-Outer and Medium Gasket, 3-gasker system
Gasket type/color:TPE – Gray / Black
Rail:Single Tab – PCE Gasket
Glass Thickness (mm):24, 30, 36, 44, 52
Uw *:0,99 W/m2 K
Uf:1,18 W/m2 K

Value calculated in the software for the temperature-controlled triple insulating glass with joinery dimensions of 2.00×1.60.

Outstanding Insulation:

  • Dynamic Sliding Window and Door System has a 6-cubicle frame profile in 149 mm width and 65 mm in height. The sash profile has a width of 76 mm and 5 cubicles, designed in the size of 20 axes. The meeting rail has a width of 76 mm and 5 cubicles. So, it provides a superior insulation across the simple sliding systems.
  • It uses high UV-resistant, flexible, robust and resistant gaskets to variables such as moisture or ambient temperature. The elastic gray and black gasket leaves no stains and offers superior air – sound insulation, waterproofing and dustproofing.

Safety and Security:

  • Dynamic Sliding Window and Door System contains rails to allow using double glazing, triple glazing and panel in 24-30-36-44-52 mm width.
  • The safety glass that must be used in the projects provides a high strength to impacts.
  • Its hook lock system offers high security, distinguishing it from other similar systems.


  • There are 13 different colors in addition to white body.
  • The joints between the profile and glass give it an aesthetic look due to specifically designed rails.
  • Dynamic Sliding Window and Door System has advantages over the other systems as it is easy to use and requires low cost for maintenance.


  • There are window and door handles available in different colors to match your house’s architectural aspect.
  • It is fully compatible with Pimastor Shutter System which allows you to control the light.
  • It allows to apply a flynet system.