Infinity – HBSB Sliding System

Infinity – HBSB Sliding System

Infinity HBSB PVC Window and PVC Door Systems

Pimapen New Infinity Lift Sliding System offers the users an ideal solution combining the easy-to use, comfort, safety and insulation for wide and high spaces without compromising the insulation and view.

Profile width (frame):175 mm
Profile width (sash):76 mm
Base frame applications:PVC / ALM.
Profile standard:A Class (TS 5358 – EN 12608)
Gasket type/color:TPE/EPDM – Gray/ Black
Glass thickness (mm):4, 12, 20, 24, 26, 30, 36, 39

There are options for PVC and Aluminum base frames. It is possible to use Aluminum base frames with heat insulation barrier in such case low threshold is desired.

Sash profile is of 76 mm in width and 4 cubicles.

Sash profile is of 76 mm in width and 4 cubicles.

Due to specially designed gaskets, tightness components and the operating principle of the system, it provides a high level of heat, air, water and dust insulation.

Its resistance to the wind loads is high due to the large support cubicle on the sash profile.

It is possible to make sashes of 3 meters in width and 300 kg in weight. Thus, it allows wide glass clearances creating offering more spacious spaces.

It is possible to make applications with 2, 3 and 4 sashes.

In addition to white, there are laminated profiles with 17 different colors and patterns.

Due to its specially designed fluted and oval edge rails, it allows eye-catching, aesthetic joints between the profile and the glass.

There are rails allowing the use of single-glass, double-glass, three-glass and panels from 4 mm to 39 mm in width.