Composite Panel Coatings

One of the facade elements that significantly affect the exterior architecture is aluminum composite panel coatings. Since the aluminum material is a stainless material, it can remain on the exterior for many years without losing its feature. In addition, the fact that it is easy to clean and has nano-technology dirt-repellent options has increased the use of composite panels in facade architecture in recent years.
One of the important elements in the application of aluminum composite panel is that the lower carrier steel assembly is made properly. The smoother and more balanced the carrier steel is, the better the aesthetics of the composite panel mounted on it. In addition, anticorrosion painting of all welding places on the lower steel increases the life of the carrier system.
For composite panels with A1, A2, B1, B2 and C class flammability degrees, the flammability class should be preferred according to the environment in which the building is located, the height of the building and other risk factors. In areas where the air temperature is very low and high, an insulation board should be placed inside the composite panel coating.
It is possible to produce twisted, angled and CNC motif patterns with composite panels used for different purposes. This helps to produce different alternatives in building aesthetics.