Curtain Wall Systems

Curtain wall systems, which add a completely aesthetic appearance to the building, are facade elements that require serious projecting and engineering. Profiles to be used in the application should be determined according to static calculations, wind and earthquake loads should be taken into account in this calculation.
It is an important issue that the glass quality to be used is tempered or laminated glass. In addition, the use of acoustic laminate according to the noise level in the location of the building significantly affects the sound insulation. Colored glass applications are also frequently made according to the architectural design.
It should be noted that the profile system to be selected has Qualanod and Qualicoat documents for anodized and colored paint.
In addition to aesthetics, the fact that it is easier to clean and that it does not experience visual deformation over time is also an important factor in choosing the curtain wall.
The installation of curtain walls should be done by expert teams, and the mounting elements should be selected from stainless materials. Before starting the facade application, the manufacturing dimensions should be prepared as an as-build project and submitted for approval. Sound and fire resistant insulation boards should be used between floors, the insulation membrane should be turned around the facade and the finishes should be completed with special facade silicone.
As curtain wall systems; Structural silicone facade, covered facade, semi-covered facade, spider (transparent) facade and eco facade are among the most used systems.