Qualified Glass

One of the most important factors affecting aesthetics, safety and insulation in aluminum architectural systems is the choice of glass. Choosing the right glass provides up to 60% savings in the thermal insulation of the building, while choosing the wrong glass can cause great difficulties in heating and cooling the space.
When we consider aluminum joinery, 90% of it consists of glass. This shows the importance of glass in terms of insulation and safety.
While choosing glass; The selection should be made taking into account the nature of the place to be used, climatic conditions, circulation density and building height. Tempered and laminated glasses that increase safety should be preferred. Heat control glasses should be used according to climatic conditions.
Apart from the transparent glass, the colored glasses used both add a different aesthetic to the building architecture and reduce the effect of sunlight.
While choosing the glass, it should be paid attention that it is glass with banderol, and care should be taken to ensure that the bonding material used in double glazing types is of good quality.
Among the generally preferred glass types; flat glass, insulating glass, tempered glass, laminated glass, Low-e glass, synergy, triple glass, colored glass and reflective glass.