Sheet Shutter

They are systems that are mounted on PVC and aluminum joinery and used for shading and security purposes.

While there are plastic and aluminum lamella options in shutter systems, there are only aluminum lamella options in shutter systems. High insulation values ​​are provided by using polyurethane filling in aluminum lamellas. There are different usage options such as manual rope system, button system and remote control system. In addition, different color options can be preferred in aluminum lamella systems. It has a profile and adapter structure suitable for insect screen mounting. It can be produced together with your joinery and applied as a monoblock system, or it can be applied to your existing joinery as an outboard system.

It eliminates the disturbing effect of the sun in the hot summer months and greatly reduces the wind and cold in the winter months. In addition, when you are not at home, closing the shutters and shutters provides a great advantage in terms of security. It can be easily applied in wide openings thanks to different lamella and box sizes.