Sliding Fly Screen

With the arrival of hot weather in the summer months, opening the doors and windows to create air circulation is a method frequently preferred by everyone. However, it is possible for a large number of flies and insects to enter through the doors and windows that remain open without you noticing. At this point, mosquito net systems constitute a security precaution for pests that can enter your home without your awareness. Thus, while you feel the effect of fresh air at home, you will keep intruders away from your home.

These systems, which can be integrated into PVC and aluminum joinery of different profile types, have different options such as pleated fly screen, hinged fly screen, rail system fly screen. It can be applied as a rail system integrated with the joinery by choosing the fly screen profile system during the production phase of the joinery, or it can be applied as a pleated or hinged system fly screen to a previously made joinery. Different frame profile thickness and RAL color options are available.