Sliding Systems

One of the systems that increase architectural aesthetics and functionality is aluminum sliding systems. Thanks to its wide wing openings and large glass dimensions, it increases the use of sunlight and gives the space a feeling of spaciousness and spaciousness. In addition, the opening mechanism of the wing in sliding systems does not occupy an area inside the space. For these reasons, it has become one of the most preferred joinery types in large-scale housing projects in recent years.
The large size of joinery in sliding systems affects the insulation negatively if the right material is not selected. Material selection should be made considering the climatic conditions of the area where the building is located (temperature, wind load, etc.). The glass quality to be used in the system should be determined correctly, and the glass should be selected in a way that will provide the most benefit to the insulation, considering the large glass dimensions.
Another issue to be considered in sliding systems is the selection of accessories. Due to the large and heavy wing sizes, care should be taken to select quality accessories.